THE WORD LOVE encompasses a range of different emotions. However, generally speaking, there are three main kinds of love: storgic,  ludic, and erotic. Two matching love types may pair up (in which case the relationship is often harmonious). Alternatively, one type of lover can fall in love with another type (the differences may be interesting but they may also lead to problems).


EROTIC Named after the Greek god of love (Eros), this kind of love features physical attraction, intimacy, rapport, passion, sensuality, and confidence.


LUDIC From ludos, the Latin word for “game,” this is a playful, pleasurable kind of love with free commitment. It is a lot of fun but lacks the intimacy of erotic love and the security of storgic love.


STORGIC From the Greek word storge, meaning “natural affection,” this type of love is characterized by affection and companionship rather than great passion.

So, from three kinds of love, which one is suit for yourself and your lover?

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