Beautiful and charming from afar, but when looked at closely.. why is that face so dirty?

Blame blackheads! Yes, those stubborn blackheads that makes your face look dull. Even after facials, you can sometimes still find trails of blackheads behind. How annoying! Blackheads are very disturbing, especially the black ones while the white ones can be found around the nose and under the lip of the chin area.

Rather than complaining about stubborn blackheads, how can we cure them and take preventive action?

1. Diligent face wash

In the morning while taking a shower, after lunch and before going to sleep. At least twice a day should do the trick. Frequently washing your face also isn’t suggested as the soap and natural oils can cause the skin to dry up and can even cause breakouts.

2. Scrub

Use a facial cleanser with a scrub. If not, clean your face with a natural scrub with freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar, or coffee, or cinnamon. Scrub works to remove dead skin cells and regenerate new skin cells. Dead skin cells can make blackheads worse if it is not promptly removed. You can scrub your face in the forehead, nose and chin area. Those three areas are the main areas for the growth of blackheads.

3. Warm Towel

After cleaning your face, warm your face up with a hot towel that is soaked with hot/warm water. The heat distributed from the towel will help eliminate soreness when peeling off the blackheads. In addition, hot towels can reduce the chances of infection due to the removal of blackheads, for example using a facial strip or a scrub.

4. Additional cream

If the stubborn blackheads are starting to get out of control, visit your doctor as soon as possible for further treatment. If not, you can get yourself a product that contains Benzoyl Peroxide. Benzoyl Peroxide is a great for killing bacteria, absorbing oil and quickly getting rid of blackheads and acne.

5. Facial

Already have a facial clinic that you regularly go to? Great! Pay them a visit at least once a month for regular maintenance of your facial skin care. With the help of experts, blackheads will be removed from the skin in a more safe and professional manner. Facial clinics also have maskers and creams that can make your skin brighter instantly.

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