Phobia of height, crowded place, narrow place or even phobia of snakes, are general types of phobia that we often hear. But there are numbers of other phobias which are very odd, and we might never think if there are people have phobias of these things:

1. Phobia of cooking

This phobia is called mageirocophobia, came from Greek mageirokos which means “cooking expert”. This phobia makes the people who have it very weak, and potentially have a disturbed mealtime, if they live alone. People with this phobia are also intimidated if they see other people who are good at cooking.

2. Phobia of dolls

virtual office jakarta pusat .adv - People with pediophobia are not only afraid of scary dolls, but also every types of dolls. Infact, they are afraid of robots and sculptures too. That is the reason for these people with the phobia are very difficult to be in the shopping center. According to Sigmund Freud, this phobia might appear because of a very strong fear that those sculptures might become alive.

3. Phobia of dining table

Dining table conversation often gives a bumbling atmosphere, but there are people who really fear for having conversation at the dining table (deipnophobia). This phobia causes the people who have it tend to avoid having meal together with other people on the same dining table.

4. Phobia of mother in-law

This phobia is called pentheraphobia and probably this phobia is the most phobia people have in this article. In many different cultures, western and eastern, phobia of mother in-law is often be found. In the western culture, this phobia has appeared on many movies.

5. Phobia of sitting

Yes, phobia of sitting (cathisophobia). Imagine, how suffering the people with this phobia. In many serious cases, this phobia is caused by experience of torture sitting on sharp or harmful object. Sometimes happen at school as punishment. The people with this phobia would sweat, breatheless, and worry if they are about to or be told to sit down. (

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