Success for every person has a different dose. It may be that success means occupy a strategic position in the office, making the people happy, be independent and not depend on others, or have enough time with baby.

lemari asam murah meriah .adv - A recent survey conducted by Citi and LinkedIn on 1023 LinkedIn members, indicating that the meaning of success of men and women have a considerable difference.

As reported by The Huffington Post, the results of an online survey completed by 512 women and 511 men seemed to refute this notion that women prefer the wedding and baby than men. The survey also showed that the average professional worker does not measure success by the amount of income.

The survey also describes six things that made the difference from the way women and men in describing success. What is it?

  1. A total of 9 percent of female respondents did not consider having a partner is one of success. This figure rose as much as 5 percent from the survey conducted in 2012.
  2. A total of 86 percent of men assume that having a baby is one of the definitions of success. While women who assume the same are 73 percent.
  3. A total of 58 percent of respondents, male and female, can’t be separated from the work affairs on weekends. While 62 percent are still working while on vacation.
  4. Men tend to define themselves as someone who is confident, ambitious and family-oriented. While the woman defines herself as a good listener, loyal, can work together, and detail-oriented.
  5. In Financial matters, women are more easily stressed than men.
  6. Women who live in this generation is more likely to consider themselves to be ambitious than women in previous generations. It also refuted the notion that the presence of the digital age makes a person becomes lazier.

So, what does success mean to you?

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