Generally, the main function of a condom is as a contraceptive, while protecting couples from the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases or infections during sex. Beyond the aforementioned benefits, there are many interesting facts about condoms, and they are as follows:

1. The largest condom

The largest condom ever was made during a safe-sex festival in the Netherlands, with a length of 38.7 meters. It was only used for display as no man has the genitals of that size. However, the largest condom ever made for usage was sized XXL, which is 24.1 centimeters.

2. Known for hundreds of years

Don’t assume that condoms were produced in modern times as contraceptives has been around since 1000 BC. Contraceptives at the time was made of linen and it wasn't until the 18th Century that they were made from animal skin. Subsequently, they were made of rubber in the 19th Century.

3. Don’t use with lubricants

Do not use a condom with any other lubricants containing any kind of oil as it will make the condom leak.

4. Expressed in poetry

The first ever recorded word of “condom” was in a poem that was made in the year 1706.

5. No guarantees

virtual office jakarta .adv - Despite wearing a condom, it does not mean that couples that use them will be safe from the diseases. Condoms only protect Mr. P only, and not the surrounding areas. During an intimate relationship, frictions also occurs in the scrotum and the vaginal area, which allows the exchange of the diseases. The safest option would be to ensure that the couple is in a healthy state.

6. Condom Ambulance

Ambulances are usually reserved for the sick or those who has died. However, there’s an ambulance in Sweden called a Condom Ambulance. These ambulances doesn't carry the sick but instead provides free condoms to its people, especially the youngsters.

7. Biggest Condom Use

During the Vancouver Olympics in 2010, there was a recorded 7000 athletes that used 100000 condoms. On average, one athlete used 14 condoms. Wow!

8. Condom War

Condoms were also used as a war strategy to weaken the spirits of the opponent. An intelligence agency supplied large sized condoms and labelled them as medium sized condoms to the opponent’s country during the cold war. As a result, the men lost confidence as they think their Mr. P was small.

9. Condoms was previously used repeatedly

Blessed are the women today as modern condoms were manufactured to be disposable. Imagine the women in the year 1836 at a time when condoms was made to be used repeatedly. Ugh!

10. Delivery Order

At the prestigious Harvard campus, some students had a business idea to deliver condoms. They would put up the slogan “We’ll Come Before You Do”

11. Tested by 20 individuals

A condom company employed 20-30 men to test their new products. These men were each given a product sample, sent home and would have to report the results to the company. It’s definitely a fun job for men.

12. Expiration date

A lot of men are so much in a rush to use it, they forget to check the expiry date of the condom.

13. It’s to prevent pregnancy, not to protect your health

Many of us use condoms only for the sole purpose to prevent pregnancy but few are aware that condoms are very effective to prevent transmitting disease.

14. Stored in a cool area

Be careful when storing condoms as if it’s stored in a hot or humid surrounding, it can cause the condom to be fragile and be damaged easily during sexual intercourse.

15. Condom’s Capacity

As reported by Your Tango, condoms can accommodate around 4 liters of liquid if it doesn't leak.

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