Caffeine was usually added to body cream to reduce cellulite. Now, there are other benefits of the ingredients found in coffee plants. Sunscreen added with caffeine proved to be more reliable to protect the skin against skin cancer

This conclusion was derived by scientists from the University of Rutgers, USA. Research showed that caffeine has a chemical compound that when applied to the skin, it can absorb ultraviolet radiation. It can be used as prevention against the development of tumors.

Experiments were also done on mice in the laboratory. The researchers genetically modified mice by reduced ATR enzymes in the body. This substance usually protects damaged cells, which can cause cancer when exposed to sunlight.

After that, the mice were intentionally exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Apparently, the reduced ATR enzyme in mice, skin cancer developed three weeks longer than mice that did not experience the modification.
Quoted by Genius Beauty, in 19 weeks trial, genetically engineered mice have 69% less skin tumors than normal mice.

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  1. Caffeine is a stimulant that is found in seeds, leaves, and fruits of some plants. The majority of caffeine is derived from coffee beans...caffeine is the most consumed psychoactive drug.....Amazing post,seriously share a information about this powerful herbal that protect us to cancer..!!

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