Buying book is now considered as daily necessity in our modern life. One can buy a book for knowledge or as portable advisor, others bought one as an investment.

The challenge is so many titles are published makes it a difficult task to choose one. In order for us not to buy a book we don't really need, let's consider some tips below.

1. Plan before you buy, know your book and estimate how much will it cost.

2. Check the book title, author, and its publisher after you find it in the book store. Browse to back cover to find book summary, where you can decide whether you want to buy this book.

3. Analyze the foreword, table of contents, and book preface, and you will find the topic, roughly the book content, and author's point of view. Match the previous information with contents of other book you already read, and estimate it how much are you can get from this book.

4. If this book is not plactic wrapped, examine it by chapter. Quickly reading it up to two or three pages should give you a clear approximation about this book.

5. Don't skip the back cover which contain book summary, if it's not there, you can read the last three pages of the book.

Now you are ready to check out and bring home your selected book.

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