Being in altitude in a long time, passengers often experience jet lag syndrome. But unlike jet lag, there is also another syndrome named jet bloat syndrome. Jet bloat is an uncomfortable condition experienced by passengers while in flight.

According to reports from PRweb, such as Fox News has been released, the term of jet bloat refers to increase of the volume of gas inside the body at high altitude. The farther it is at the altitude, so the gas produced by the body will be more and more.

Therefore, it becomes important to choose foods and beverages consumed before and up ahead to takeoff. It is not recommended to consume alcohol and coffee. Those two drinks can lead to quick thirst and followed by dehydration. Then, it can cause headaches and anxiety while in the altitude.

Some of the foods below are also recommended to be avoided, before take-off to prevent jet bloat

1. French fries

lemari asam .adv - It's feels good to eat French fries with sliced thinly. Moreover, potatoes are eaten while hot from the pan. Savory flavors of potato certainly makes addictive. But it is better if you postpone consume potatoes if you want to take a trip by plane.
Potatoes contain a lot of fat and sodium. While in the altitude, our body's digestive systems are not able to digest these substances. This can eventually lead to flatulence and anxiety throughout the trip.

2. Apple

Fruit is a healthy food. However, apples and other fibrous fruits are not easily digested by the body. In addition, apples also contain gas that can make flatulence.

3.  Nuts

If you include nuts as a provision in the trip, it is better if the food is stored beforehand. Consume the nuts after landing at the destination only.

4. Chili (or spicy foods)

Spicy foods can cause stomach irritation. Especially your stomach is sensitive to spicy foods, it can cause heartburn. To prevent back and forth to the toilet, you should avoid eating spicy foods.

5. Chewing gum

Perhaps chewing gum can help minimize the buzz on the eardrum when taking off and landing. However, most of the chewing gum can also cause flatulence.

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