The risk of suffering cardiovascular disease apparently can be reduced by an easy and a cheap way. Simply brushing teeth, the risk of heart and cardiovascular disease can be reduced.

This is a conclusion of the researchers of The Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. These scientists researched whether cleaning, brushing, and visiting dentists routinely affects the thickening arterial wall caused by calcium, cholesterol, and other substances in the blood. The result of this research was published on The Journal of the American Heart Association.

This research asserts a tight relation between the oral cleanness and the hardening of the blood vessel (aterosklerosis). Aterosklerosis is the main factor causing stroke and heart attack. The hardening of blood vessel as well relates to coronary heart disease and arterial edge.

"This result is very important, because the arterosklerosis is in accordance with bacterial in the gum and the disease. The research proves that the modification of periodontal slows gum disease and the arteries," said one of the researchers, Moïse Desvarieux, as reported by Medical Daily.

To discover how oral improvement can hold the aterosklerosis, The researchers observed the data from The Oral Infections and Vascular Disease Epidemiology Study. The data includes 5.008 sample of dental plaques belong to  420 adults.

The sample was then analyzed in to obverve 11 bacterials that cause gum infection (periodontal). Desvarieux and her team examined the health and the reduction of the respondent’s gum condition by routine visits.

The researchers are optimistic that the result becomes medical proof for cardiovascular treatment. "It is very important to follow up the patients and observe the relation between gums and aterosklerosis. At this stage, it can be tested modifying flora in gums would slow down the artherosclerosis growth," said Desvarieux. (

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