articlemostwanted - There are variety of weird animals still exist on the face of the earth although they rarely seen by people. When you see these strange animals, you would say 'strange but true'. Without having to wait any longer, see this strange animals!

1. Pangolin (anteaters)

Pangolin is a type of Pholidota that still found in Southeast Asia. These animals eat insects especially ants and termites. Pangolin lives in lowland tropical rain forest. Pangolin sometimes also known as an anteater.

It has elongated body shape, with a tongue that can be extended up to a third of its body length to find ants in the nest. Its hair is modified into a kind of large scales which are arranged into a layered shield as a means of self-protection. If it got disturbed, it will furl the body like a ball. It can also wag its tail, so that the "scales" can injure the intruder’s skin. Although it looks like a reptile, this animal is classified as a mammal. There are 3 types of Pangolin: Pangolin trees, ground pangolin, and giant anteaters.

2. Okapi

(Okapia johnstoni) is a mammal of the Ituri Rainforest in central Africa. Although these animals have the same skin with zebra’s stripes, okapi has close relationship to the giraffe. Resemblance to a zebra and giraffe raises the suspicion of a cross between the two, but despite the presence of certain characteristics in common, this animal was not closely related to the zebra. This animal originating from the Ituri Rainforest in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo and discovered by local residents in 1901.

3. Thorny Devil

This animal is also called as Moloch, or mountain demon. Dr. John Grey, who discovered the reptile, takes its name from the Canaanite god (Moloch), who used to sacrifice children. It can grow up to 8 inches and it isn’t aggressive animals. It has the ability to absorb water through their skin.

4. Narwhal

These animals are also rarely be seen by human. Narwhal means corpse whale; it has that name because of the color of its skin bluish and blotchy. These animals are very similar to the Unicorn and has two upper teeth. Their teeth will grow to 7-10 feet, but up till now no body know that the function of this teeth.

5. Long-eared Jerboa

These are nocturnal animals and similar to rat or rodent, with a long tail, long legs that used for jumping, and very long ears. These animals expressed as the only member of the genus and subfamily of Euchoreutes Euchoreutinae. And yes, it has unique shape.

6. Proboscis Monkey

The Nose from Male monkeys would grow up to 3 inches. The longer the nose, it will attract more female monkeys. The nose is also amplify clicking sound when danger is approaching, or when the male becomes aggressive. They live in Borneo, and there are only 3000-4000 monkeys left.

7. Bongo Antelope

This animals are part of antelope type which can be recognized from the shape of its horns. They are the largest forest antelope. The origin of this species is from Africa, the locals do not hunt it because it is believed that its meat will give them misery. But currently this animals are hunted for sport and has been classified as an endangered species.

8. Cassowary

Cassowary is one of two genus in Casuariidae birds. The genus consists of three species of cassowaries that are very large and cannot fly. This species are in tropical forests and mountains on the island of New Guinea. Southern cassowary is the only species of cassowary that found in Australia.
Cassowary equipped with horns on its head, which helps the bird while walking in dense forest habitat. It also has very strong legs and sharp hooves. Females Cassowary usually larger and more brightly colored than the male. These animals are able to perform bone-smashing kick to defend itself from threats, and it is the third largest bird in the world. It is the most dangerous bird in the world and can kill human when it get cornered. 

9. Carrier Shell

These animals belong to the class of mollusks, and it decorates the shells by themselves by choosing some other shells, rocks, or other pieces, and paste it into its shell. There are 22 species and each species love to decorate their shells with the objects they like.

10. Oreo Dory

These animals are found in New Zealand and Australia’s water and can live up to 4,200 feet depth. They have been documented to live up to 100 years, and this figure is phenomenal for a fish. They mostly feed on plankton and Crustacean.

11. Whorl Shark Tooth

These animals lived more than 250 million years ago and now extinct. Its length can reach up to 13 feet. The tooth below it similar to a chain saw.

12. Philippine Tarsier

It is one of the smallest animal in the world. Their eyes are very large and used it as a night vision when hunting their prey. Currently, the Philippine Tarsier has been classified as endangered animals.

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