articlemostwanted - A compilation of seven myths from places that some would call unique. But in our life, they are called fascinated. Enjoy this compilation of strange myths from unique places and watch out for the next update of stories

7. Unique place: Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines.

Fact: Located in the area of 50 sq. km (20 sq. miles.) there are more than 1200 similar constructed mounds covered in green grass. The color of hills turn brown at the time of dry season.

Myth: Once upon a time there was a giant water buffalo, as tall as a small mountain. The buffalo used to take all the grass in the fields of the neighboring villages. So the villagers committed to trick it by offering it large amount of spoilt food. The buffalo gulped the food but soon fell sick. It ran all over the area, leaving behind it’s gigantic droppings. The feces dried and later to be known as the chocolate hills!

6. Unique Place: Tsingy, Madagascar

Fact: Close to the western shoreline of Madagascar, there is a strange forest of limestone rocks constructed like giant needles. It is a place to live for many creatures found nowhere else on the face of this earth.

Myth: The Silky Sifaka received a special tribute from the Moon god, which changed it’s silky coat moonlight white in color. The Sifakas were very noble of their great looks, but later realized that their shiny white coat made them more noticeable to the cunning Fossa (A cat like hunter). Soon their total began to decline alarmingly. The rest silky sifakas took protection in a rocky forest and begged the Moon God for help. To defend his admired lemurs the Moon god changed the rocks into a forest of gigantic needles. The jagged rocks were so pointed that they could cut something in half, if one was not careful. It was a hard region to live in, but at the same moment it became very hard for the hunters to catch the silky sifakas and kept them safe.

5. Unique place: Bear Rock (Devils Tower Monument), USA

Fact: A gigantic tower of rock that grows suddenly from the earth and has strange markings on it’s parts.

Myth: Once upon a time there is a group of seven girls went out to play in the woodland. They were spotted by several gigantic bears, who started to hunt them. The girls hardly escaped by climbing a small rock. But the bears started to dig their claws into the rock and climb it. The girls asked to the Great Spirit to help them. Listening their prayers, the Great Spirit made the rock grow from the earth towards the heaven. The bears, began to fall down the slopes and left broad claw imprints in the sides of the mountain. When the girls reached the sky, they were turned into the star constellation called the Pleiades (seven sisters).

4. Unique place: Socotra Island, Yemen

Fact: This Island is filled with more than 700 very rare types of plants and animals, a full 1/3 of them are found nowhere else on other part of the world.

Myth: On a small island in the Arabian Ocean, the Creator had created a new world with amazing forms of life. Of all His creations, the most awesome creature was the Dragon. A unique but powerful beast that was the king of all creatures. Some years passed, when the Creator arrive to visit the Island, he found none of the other animals. For the Dragon had eaten them all up. The Creator was angry and changed the dragon into a tree. The unique tree is named as the Dragon tree. If you cut it’s bark, you’ll see the Dragon’s blood.

3. Unique place: Uluru (Ayer’s Rock), Australia

Fact: Uluru is a gigantic big rock, bigger than an island that exist at Australia’s region.

Myth: The people were dying. The desert was a rough area to live in. The Sun shine had driven away all the clouds and dried up all the water from the region. The people asked to the Goddess of Rain, until she heard it. She told them that she would make a huge lake that would be unnoticeable to sun. And as the people watch a huge stone grew up in the middle of the desert. The people were confused. But soon realized that the Uluru’s runoff from the rain, lies deep-set in the desert at it’s base or is held in the roots of desert scrub that rise around it. In a way, the Uluru was an inverted lake.

2. Unique Place: Cave of Crystals, Naica, Mexico

Fact: Mexico’s cavern of Crystals, filled with some of the world’s largest known natural crystals—translucent beams of gypsum for 36 feet (11 meters).

Myth: An indigent farmer once helped a young girl from drowning. Then He noticed that the little girl was no natural girl, but the daughter of a silver star. Happy with the farmer, the Star awarded him with an immense treasure of unvalued crystals. The famer was overjoyed at his fortunate. But soon his joy changed to fear. He had never seen so much wealth. He was worry, it would get take or robed from him. He prayed the Star to hide his crystals in a deep cavern out of reach from everyone’s view. Years passed, the farmer grew old, and his memory weaken. On his dying day, he called his relative to tell them important information about his treasure, but could not remember what he wanted to say.

1. Unique place: Blue Hole, Belize

Fact: The world’s largest blue hole is a vertical cave in the sea and is one of the most fascinating dive sites to investigate in the world.

Myth: once upon a time, when the world was covered in ice, there was a pack of sabretooth tigers who lived in a wide vertical cave. The cave helped them from other enemies and had been their home for years. One day a group of animals running past their place warned them of incoming seas. But the sabretooth tiger family did not accept in rumors. They were confident of their strength and the security of their home. The temperature was rising and more and more creatures were seen rushing past the cave. The sabretooth laughed at the worried animals and don’t careless them. Until one day, a gigantic wave from the ocean arrive in and filled up the entire cave within a few seconds. There was no escape for the sabretooth tigers.

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