The crow's foot is also called the Witch's Foot, and was feared as a sign of death, used in casting spells versus enemies. Crows, like ravens, were associated with the witches and warlocks who were believed to be able to transform themselves into these black birds so that they could travel undetected to their sabbats.

The name "crow's feet" is likewise given to the lines that radiate around the outer corners of the eyes with the coming of age and the inescapable approach of death.


A Latin Cross with a design of the body of the Christ fixed to it. It is utilized in the Christian custom as a tip of the sacrifice that Christ made for humankind.


In third-century Rome, early Christians were maltreated to such a degree that their lives were threatened and the symbols of their faith needed to be disguised. One of the methods they recognized one another was by the indication of the fish or ichthus; another way was to disguise the Cross skillfully as something else. The significance of Crux Dissimulata is "disguised" or "different" cross.

Among the more ingenious forms of this secret sign, revealed here, was the anchor. The top of the anchor is formed like a cross and, in addition, the anchor is clearly a sign of stability. Due to the fact that anchors are associated with the sea, too, the fish sign might easily be integrated into it. The Crux Dissimulata was utilized as a secret sign and a rallying require followers to the new and dangerous faith.


Combining the sphere's perfection and totality with the clearness and radiance of crystal, the crystal ball belongs of the toolkit of the professional clairvoyant or seer. The clearness of the crystal matches the "clear sight" of the psychic. When utilized for scrying, the crystal ball functions as a focus for meditation, enabling the experienced to access a place that runs out time in order to be able to see into the future.

This practice of scrying is carried out in different methods. Instead of a pricey crystal, cheaper techniques are obviously just as efficient for the talented psychic. A bowl of water, a mirror, a drop of blood, or a swimming pool of ink can be used. Nevertheless, the allure of the genuine crystal ball is difficult to beat.


The cube carries all the significance of the square (at its a lot of fundamental, the material world and the components) except that it is, of course, three-dimensional. The cube is solid, stable, trustworthy, and often forms the basis of other buildings. It is likewise a symbol of moral excellence. The cube is a symbol of product eternity. One of the most famous cubes is the Ka'aba that stands at the center of the Grand Mosque at Mecca, and which is a sign of power and eternity.

If the cube is unfolded, it becomes a cross; this cross offers us the basic layout of Christian churches and additional enhances the concept of stability and eternity.

Among the five Platonic solids and one of the Tattvas, the cube represents the component of Earth.

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