articlemostwanted - In Malaysia, transgender people are typically looked down upon, humiliated, and victimized simply because they do not fit into the basic conventions of genders and sex. These are the people who have actually braved through society's barriers making their ways through life, with some getting involved in efforts to develop awareness in helping others who are like them.

1. Khartini Slamah, Program Manager of ISEAN Hivos Program at Pink Triangle (PT) Foundation

Khartini Slamah is a Malaysian transgender human rights defender dealing with HIV/AIDS and the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. She has more than 27 years of experience working closely with the transgender and sex worker communities at the national, regional and international levels.

Khartini started her work as a human rights defender when the Malaysian authorities charged her for 'cross-dressing', under the Sharia law.

After an agonizing two-year legal fight, which she lost, Khartini chose to keep on combating. She did so not only for her individual sexual orientation, but likewise for the more 'holistic purpose' of promoting LGBT rights in her nation.

2. Nisha Ayub, Program Manager at PT Foundation and member of rights group Justice for Sisters

When recounting her life as a transgender, 35-year-old Nisha said it was uneventful although she dealt with resistance from her stringent family. It was not until she was jailed by spiritual authorities in her home town of Malacca when she was 21 that Nisha learnt life could be pretty extreme for people like her.

Nisha was sentenced to 3 months to prison, where she was sexually assaulted and required to perform lewd sexual acts on other inmates just since she was a transgender.

Upon her release, Nisha began working at a bar in Malacca to support herself and her mother. But life in the vice trade made her stronger and taught her many things, especially about transgender issues relating to health and other elements.

3. Hazreen Shaik Daud, Political Secretary to Tanjung Bungah state assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) in Penang

Hazreen Shaik Daud was appointed as political secretary to Tanjung Bungah DAP state assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu in July 2013. Hazreen, a diploma holder, was a previous NGO worker for the Penang Family Health Development and has the ability to speak well-versed Mandarin, English and Malay.

Hazreen's duties include managing the transgender community's well-being by means of a transgender committee, which intends to collect information and alleviate the status and social stigma related to the transgender community. A few of their activities will consist of public forums to spread awareness on the concern.

4. Sulastri Ariffin, transgender lobbyist and Programme Manager of PT Foundation's SW Programme, Pusat Khidmat Sosial (PBKS).

Sulastri Ariffin was when a sex worker, forced into the trade after leaving her family in Kuching to live her life as a transgender in the capital city. She was likewise arrested when surviving on the streets and charged, leaving with a light punishment after being fined RM25.

She later realised that she must snap out of her self-loathing and do something more for herself.

She is now the manager of a women's programme and deals with those dealing with concerns with their families and task discrimination.

5. Yuki Vivienne Choe, transgender activist and creator of TransMalaysia.

sewa kantor murah di jakarta adv.- Yuki Vivienne Choe, 34, is a transsexual lesbian, advocate and feminist who views both the LGBT movement and the ex-gay movement from a range, writing for different webzines and blogs on her observations; while she considers herself a real Woman-Born-Transsexual, she still means equality and rights of all gender variant individuals and homosexuals.

A licensing executive in an organisation that provides the licensing rights for cartoon brands by day, Choe is one of Malaysia's a lot of recognisable transgender lobbyists. In addition to blogging and writing for Tilted World, a Malaysian LGBT Community Project and US-based Ex-Gay Watch, Choe likewise runs TransMalaysia, a group to support Malaysian transgender people and their friends and family.

6. Sharan Suresh, transgender advocate & Policy Advocacy Officer of the Islands of Southeast Asian Network on Male and Transgender Sexual Health (ISEAN) Program at PT Foundation.

Because her early youth, Sharan tended to look at herself as a female more than a male.
When she made the decision to alter after 21 years living as a kid, her family denied her decision, so Sharan left her house and started doing her transitions throughout her college years with the help of her buddies. Sharan ultimately married her hubby of three years and are preparing to adopt a child together.

7. Dr. Jessie Chung, creator of Natural Health Farm and Vice President of the Malaysia Anti-Cancer Association (MACA).

Born Jeffrey Chung to a popular family in Sarawak, Dr. Jessie Chung successfully finished her sex change operation in 2003. She boasts outstanding scholastic qualifications too-- she has a PhD in Clinical Medicine from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, with an expertise in oncology. In Malaysia, she is a qualified TCM (conventional Chinese medicine) practitioner.

In 2005, Chung married Joshua Beh in a luxurious wedding ceremony, thought to be the very first same-sex union in Malaysia.

Chung founded Natural Health Farm, a health products company with 56 retail outlets in 1998 and was appointed Vice President of the Malaysia Anti-Cancer Association (MACA) in 2010. She has actually likewise written several medical books along with the "Jessie's Diary" series, a few of which have actually been translated into English and Malay.

In addition, Chung has also dabbled in the home entertainment company, having launched a variety of albums in addition to gotten involved in a few regional and worldwide movie productions.

8. Dorian Wilde, LGBT activist and founder of Transmen of Malaysia (ToM).

Dorian is a supporter of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) rights in Malaysia, with particular focus on trans rights. He is the creator of the first and only online community of Malaysian transmen, Transmen of Malaysia (ToM). He also co-runs the biggest Malaysian joint trans network, and the Malaysian Network of Transsexuals (MyNETRA), along with an essential member of Seksualiti Merdeka (SM) and Justice for Sisters (JFS).

Since he was three years of age, Dorian has actually felt and realised that he was really a boy trapped in the body of a girl. He went through life thinking he was the only person who felt this way, till he ventured to Singapore at the age of 18.

In Singapore, Dorian satisfied a trans-male individual, a person born with a female sexual identity however identifies with the male gender identity. Through him, Dorian found the LGBT society, offering him the courage and confidence to decide who he wanted to eventually be. Dorian's prospective mentor also provided assistance and suggestions on what he need to do when transitioning into a male, including which specialists he need to refer to in his efforts.

When Dorian transferred to Kuala Lumpur, he understood that the LGBT neighborhood in Malaysia typically become victims of injustice in their own nation. It was then that he chose to become a lobbyist for LGBT rights along with to provide awareness to the general public in regards to the truth of being LGBT.

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