The following are the list of transsexual women who are famous in the music world. This article rewritten from the previous failed article about "10 successful transsexual woman". Thank you for the input from the audience so I knew about the mistake of the source :)


Born in 1976, Aderet  is one of top dance pop singer from Israel who claim to be transgender. So far her music type are rhythms Trance and House Music.

In 2001, Aderet released song called Slowly and Surely from the debut album THE ANSWER which is successful. Even her single in 2008, Say No More became hits in Lebanon.

Aderet openly admits that she is transgender and does not cover that fact. Even she who was born a man has also been following the conscription, but Aderet decided to become women with plastic surgery.


She has the real name as Lee Kyung Yeop or Lee Kyung Eun, was born on February 17th, 1975. Harisu was born as a man but has a female soul. She decided to officially change her gender to female in late 1990 and she received official recognition from the government of South Korea on December 13, 2002.

Harisu had lived in Japan for several year and learning to be a hair stylist. When she returned to Korea in 2000, Harisu joined TTM Entertainment agency and started a career as a model and actress.

So far Harisu has released 5 albums that released in Taiwan, china and Malaysia. In 2012 Harisu released a mini album titled The Queen as a sign of comeback after 5 years.

Laura Jane Grace

Born with the name Thomas James Gabel or publicly known widely as Tom Gabel on November 1980. She is an American musician who is also the founder, lead singer, songwriter and guitarist of punk rock band Against Me!

Gabel began her career as a solo singer in 1997. Her music quite well recognized and got listed in the Billboard chart. She was married to a woman name Heather Hannoura at 2007 and had a daughter.

Gebel  not comfortable with her gender since she was a kid. She decided to became a woman and perform genital surgery in May 2012. Amazingly despite of her changing gender, her family, band mates and fans still receive her.

Kim Petras

Her Real name is tim Petras, she is a teenage singer from Germany who was born on August 27, 1992. Petras recording career began with a video of her singing and she upload it to the internet.

A number of the song video made by Petras attract the attention of German music producer, Fabian Gorg. Gorg then invited Petras to join her Indie label, Joyce Records.

Petras parents recognized that the child has become a woman since over 2 year, so both of her parents support her choice. Petras has become a worldwide media attention after it was reported to have medical sex change surgery when she was still so young.

Dana International

Dana International is an Israeli pop singer who was born as a man by the name of Yaron Cohen on February 2, 1972. With her name is Sharon Cohen is now known as Dana International.

Dana won the Eurovision song contest in Birmingham in 1998 with a song titled Diva. Diva even made it into the 14 best Eurovision song. So far Dana has 8 albums with 3 compilation album. Dana is one of Israel’s most successful musicians.

Dana decided to become a woman when she was 13 years old. She did genital surgery in 1993 and a year later released the album Dana International who eventually became her stage name.

Ataru Nakamura

Ataru Nakamura is a pop singer and song writer from Japan. Born in Tokyo on June 28, 1985, Nakamura chose to study music since she was young. She can even play the piano, guitar and drums at the age of 10.

Whe she was 13 years old, she began writing her own song and in 1999 on the age of 14, she released an indie album titled Shouchikubai. In 2006, Nakamura joined to a major label, Avex Trax. Since then Nakamura’s song got listed in Oricon chart and made soundtrack for anime to date.

Nakamura announced that she was born a man but chose to be a woman when she released her official biography and perform in Kouhaku Uta Gassen in 2007.


Lady is the first South Korean girl band filled by 4 transgender people. They are Sinae, Sahara, Binu and Yuna. Lady inspired by the success of Harisu, a Korean transgender singer and actress.

Sinae  has appeared in commercials with female group dance and MV Cho PD. While Sahara in 2003 won the transgender beauty pageant in Thailand and is a model of Jeans.

Lady released their first album in 2005. With their unique status, it seems Korean society cannot accept them yet. It was proven by their music that failed to hit the chart. Lady even released a book members with half-naked photo. Lady officially disbanded in early 2007.
That is all the list of 7famous transsexual women in the music world!

However, do you want to know who is the world's first transsexual billionaire?

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  1. There is a difference between transsexual and drag queen...

    1. I Transsexual is a person who knows that they are/were born in the wrong body and they will begin HRT (hormone Replacement Therapy) to begin the process to change their outside (body) to match their inside (being, essence, life force, soul). If they have the money they will under go GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery).
      A Drag Queen is a person (usually male) who mimics (usually on stage) a woman but that is as far as it goes. Some Drag Queens are gay but many are straight.

  2. You need to check your facts hun! Agree with above post, there is a difference between a drag performer and a transexual. This article should anger a lot of people because you obviously don't know the difference. Not to mention Candis Cayne is a television star and is a transgendered person. Most of the people you have chosen on this list are at the top of their game in the drag performance world and they are not transgendered. Learn the difference!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for the correction. I have changed my list and also change the source of my article :)

  3. I'd love to be a famous transsexual singer,or movie star. I love being a transsexual woman.

  4. Cut your dick first

  5. Using "real name" to refer to someone's birth name is offensive and straight up rude. Do better.

    1. 1. better not to be anonymous to send critic :)
      2. no one trying to be rude here, it based on the source and they will inspire many ppl out there. :)


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