Women often feel a sense of panic when they feel a lump in their breasts. However, a lump in the breasts of women aren’t always necessarily cancer. In fact, 9 out of 10 lumps that are found in a woman’s breasts are not cancer related.

Dr. Martha Roida Manurung from the Installation of Early Detection and Social Oncology from Dharmais Hospital stated that women should not easily panic when they find a lump in their breasts. The lumps that could be felt in their breasts can merely be functional due to hormonal influences.

For breast cancer alone is a malignant tumor that grows in the form of an abnormal tissue in the breasts. So, how can you differentiate if the lump is cancerous or not? Below are the following characteristics:
1. The lumps feel different and are often in only one of the breast
2. If touched, the surface would be uneven
3. It will feel hard when touched because of the hard tissues
4. The lumps are usually not accompanied by pain
5. Not easily moved or fixed
6. There’s often a change in skin color, to red or orange textured.

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