In general, almost all of the people are afraid of this wild animal... And that is the reason people kill snakes whenever they see them because they believe that snakes are venomed, and dangerous especially if they enter houses.

Here are some brief advices for you in case your houses are entered by uninvited snakes without necessarily killing them.

Before you do anything, you need to know these informations about snakes:
  1. Snakes enter the houses for prey; mice, or they seek warmth. They do not come intentionally to attack humans.
  2. Snakes are frightened of humans.
  3. Snakes dislike strong smells
  4. Snakes are not afraid of salt (many people mistake this)
  5. Snakes are more aggressive to attack if they are harmed and threatened
  6. Snakes are sensitive to light, if we use flash light to search or to drive them out, beware of the spot light’s movement. It might provoke snakes to attack toward the spot light.
  7. Snakes like to hide in the dark and narrow place. They can enter any hole, narrow as their heads.
  8. Not all types of snakes are dangerous and harmful. There are many types of them which are harmless.
  9. Fizzling snakes are not always Cobra types nor venomed, they fizzle to exhale air through the holes on their mouths to scare the threat off.
  10. Do not handle snakes without any equipment.

lemari asam murah meriah .adv - Okay.. if there is a snake in the house. What we need to do are:

  1. Do not panic, everyone gets out of the house calmly
  2. Shut all doors and windows.
  3. All the people in the house take position outside and stay away from the doors.
  4. Spray some perfume or any strong scent to the spot where the snake is last seen. It could be in the bedroom or in the kitchen. Make sure that the perfume or the spray is not poisoned.
  5. Shut all the doors and windows for about 15-20 minutes.
  6. After that, open a door, it is better the door near the open area and far away from the people.
  7. Give it a break time.
  8. Because snake does not like strong smell, it will come out and move to the place where the fresh air comes in.
  9. After it comes out of the house and touch the ground, make sure it is out of the yard by driving it out using a stick or a broom.
  10. The snake does not have to be caught or killed after it leaves the house.
  11. If  you still can not drive it out, contact the police, snakes expert, or any emergency number.

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