In the world of tourism, there are special interest tours that target the tourists who want to visit unusual places. Well, the Reader’s Digest has summarized 10 of the most .... place on Earth.

The following places can be added to the list of your dreams. Who knows, you have the opportunity to visit there someday.

1. Mount Thor, Nunavut, Canada. The steepest mountain peaks.

With a height of 5,495 feet (1.1675 m) Mount Thor is certainly not the mountain with the highest peak in the world. But this mountain has the world's steepest peaks. This is the famous peak in Canada. A peak is made of granite. Mount Thor has a steepness of slopes with an average of 105 degrees.
Despite isolated location, the mountain becomes a popular destination for hiking maniac. If reaching to the top of the mountain too difficult for you, please camp the underneath.

2. Oymyakon, Russia: The coldest settlement.

Temperatures at here have been recorded up to -96.16 ° F (about -71o C) in 1924. Population in this small town is about 500 residents, and was used once as a place of exile. In the winter the average temperature is around 14o C. Permanently frozen the layer of soil throughout the year. The city has only one hotel. Popular sports here are skiing and hockey. Celebrities who had visited this place were Burt Reynolds and Paris Hilton who came along with her Chihuahua dog.

3. Atacama Desert, Chile: The driest place.

This area was once the national cigarette advertisement shooting. According to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Geographic, the soil layer of Atacama Desert in Chile can be compared with the ground on Mars. From October 1903 until January 1918, the Atacama Desert was completely dried. Not a single drop of rain came down. The historical record makes the Atacama as the longest place that does not receive rain. Sparsely populated, the Atacama Desert has several hotels to choose by tourists who want to explore the place.

4. Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador: The closest place to the space

A volcano that has been dormant in recent eruption around the year 550 AD, Mount Chimborazo has a height over 20,000 feet (over 6,000 m). Although the highest mountain in the world is the Everest (29,000 feet or 8,800 m), but because of the position of Mount Chimborazo is far from the equator making it the peak closest to the space that can be stepped by people on this Earth. Glaciers covers peak and has many hiking paths.

5. Lut desert, Iran: The hottest place.

Temperatures at here can reach 158 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius). According to local legend, the meaning of the “Lut” in Persian means "baked wheat" refers to a story about a sack of flour that exploded after it was accidentally placed in the desert for several days. A tourist destination is certainly just a special for those who want to challenge him selves to dwell in a very hot climate.

6. Tristan da Cunha, United Kingdom: The most isolated places.

Want to escape from everyday life? This is the ideal spot for your wishes. Though formally become part of the British Territorial, but it is located more than 1,750 miles (about 2.8 km) from the nearest land on the continent of Africa. Discovered by Portuguese explorer Tristao da Cunha in 1506, the island was inhabited by fewer than 300 residents. There is no airport here. The only access to come here is by sea.

7. Antarctica, The coldest continent.

With a population of between 1,000 and 4,000 people, the fifth largest continent is a land of extreme. Most cold and dry in the world. Travelers could only reach this place using special ice boat. Known as a place with beautiful scenery, travelers should be well prepared and guided by tour guide who know the area well.

8. Mawsynram, India: The wettest place.

This city in India receives rainfall average of 467 inches (11861.8 mm) throughout the year. Compare this with the Bogor rainfall "only" 3500-4000 mm per year. 1985 Guinness Book of World Records named this city as the wettest place on Earth after seeing the rainfall record of 1.000 inches (25,400 mm) in one year. Distracted by a subtropical climate and monsoons, Mawsynram give two sides that appeal to travelers: a challenging and captivating journey.

9. Angel Waterfalls (Angel Falls), Venezuela: The highest waterfall.

Although the location is isolated and not easy to reach it, this waterfall is a top tourist destination in Venezuela. This waterfall is estimated at approximately 3,212 feet (about 979 m). Compare with the highest waterfall in Indonesia, Sigura-Gura are only 250 m.

10. Gansbaai, South Africa: The most dangerous waters.

Since 1995, a dive site with Great White Shark’s cage as the main attraction for Gansbaai, South Africa. With one of the places that has the densest population of deadly sharks, Gansbaai become an attractive destination for a close look at the deadly creature.

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