It doesn’t seem there are people who haven’t heard the sound of “huh”. This is due to the sound does have a universal meaning.
The new study describes, from the many human languages around the world, the possibility of word 'huh' unites us. His role is crucial in the confusion that occurs when a conversation with one or more participants do not speak the same language.

virtual office di jakarta .adv - Linguistic researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nederland, conducted this study by visiting towns and remote villages in five continents, as well as visit native speakers of 10 different languages. And "Huh?" always be effective.

"'Huh', the word in English, is seen as filler words. Or, it sounded as if like grunts, such as" mm-hmm. "But It's very crucial role in conversation," said Herbert Clark, a psychologist at Stanford University. He studies the languages.

Clark said, at the moment of a person lack to digest the information from the other person and communication becomes disconnected, that's where it takes a simple, easy, quick way to fix it.

"The need is universal, no matter what kind of conversation is going on. Can be denied you communicate without the ability to make an erratum what was said, "He continued.

"The problem is" Huh? "Often become a mere patch in the sentence, so the status is not too pointed," added Nick Enfield, linguistic anthropologist who helped conduct the study.

More unique, 'huh' most likely created through an independent process over and over again. According to the scientists, this word evolved for a specific purpose. Because 'huh', can have the same meaning in various languages. (Gloria Samantha/

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