articlemostwanted - When you were a new born baby, you were tiny and small. Slowly by the time goes by as you get older and bigger, your bones do an amazing trick. Not only do they grow and stronger, but they also transform or change.

Making bones

Baby's bones are consist of a very soft and bendy substance called cartilage. Slowly  when the baby keeps grow, the cartilage hardens and transform into bone.

More and Less

So bassically young human being got more bones then those adult.
You were born with more then 300 "soft" bones, but as you get older dan bigger, many of the bones became fuse together. By the time you are 23 you will have 206 fully formed hard bones inside your body.
Baby bones are entirely consist of soft and growing cartilage.
Adolescent bones are mostly bone, with a small amount of cartilage
Adult bones have stopped growing. Most no longer contain cartilage.

What about our ears? Do you ever knew what is your ears made of? Your ears are not bone but they are made of cartilage. They are so strong, but much more bendy than the rest of your bones in your body.
Cross-section of an ear the cartilage sits between two layers of skin.

Taller, shorter

Between each bone in our spine are small disks of cartilage. During the day these disk get squashed, and when we are rest at night they spread out again. This means we are a little bit taller and higher in the morning than in the evening before we sleep.

Smooth coated joints

The ends of the bones are covered in smooth cartilage. That way, they can glide against each other when you move and you wont hear any sound that caused by one bone hit another.

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