transgender comics - Alysia Yeoh is an imaginary person made by writer Gail Simone for the Batgirl continuing series issued by DC Comics. At the period of her first appearance, she was noticed for being the first main transgender individual written in a modern context in a majority comic book.
Alysia was presented in the first episode of Batgirl, when Barbara Gordon chooses it is time to get out of her father's house. Barbara moves in with Alysia, thanks to a roommate posting advertised on "Greg's List." Alysia, who is originally from Singapore, explains herself as to some extent of an activist. Alysia clarifies to Barbara that she paints throughout daytime, and has occupation as a bartender at night, though her desire is to be an expert chef someday. Although only knowing Barbara for a very limited time, she presents a very sociable personality and is about directly warmly open of her new colleague. Alysia sees how private Barbara is at times, however she doesn't keep pushing on about it. She states Barbara that it's all right, since she understand that everyone has their own secret story.

In Batgirl production Vol 4 #8, she encountered James Gordon Jr. He is Barbara's brother, it was said that he is psychopathic, and they starting to date. He in the end handed her a pet cat called Alaska as a present, the cat that Barbara later understands is almost the same like the cat called Alaska that her family used to have.

When Alysia comes back to home in the future, she discovers Barbara standup over unconscious followers of the Joker's group. Barbara makes an apology, speaking she hasn't been truthful with Alysia, and she must go to reach the police and report to them there has been a robbery; she too says her that she will never see Barbara for a second time. Rather than taking Barbara's recommendation, Alysia phones James Gordon Jr. He picks her up and brings her to the church where the Joker is attempting to push Batgirl to get married with him. Alysia eyewitnesses the situation from outside and seems to understand how crazy her mate James actually is.

Later afterwards, Barbara comes home and reveals many of her private story behind her with Alysia (but of course without knowing her secret as Batgirl). It is at this period that Alysia, after for quite some time attempted many times in the previous months to do so, in the end explains that she is transgender with Barbara. Barbara replies with a humble but earnest testimony of love and acceptance.

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