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articlemostwanted - Uncle Marvel Dudley asserts to be part of the Marvels family, but the truth is, he has not relation at all with the family of Marvel. He is the group's supervisor however "changes" under the strike of the lightning the Marvels call forth. When the great incident happen, he is a janitor at Billy Batson's school.


lemari asam lokal berkualitas .adv - Finding Mary Marvel's Good Deed Ledger, the man who ended up being called Uncle Marvel read its contents and found the tricks of the Marvel Family. Taking the book back to Mary, he explained that he was her long lost uncle Dudley from California. When they both stated, "Shazam!" Mary and Uncle Dudley were changed. However, unidentified to Mary, Dudley had simply slipped out of his external clothes and was already using an outfit beneath.

Dudley then established a company, Shazam Incorporated, naming himself the president, describing that he would contribute the profits of cash paid for the Marvel's work to a great cause and that it would be a non-profit making endeavor. Mary soon understood he was a fraud when he said, "Shazam!" and did not alter. But none of the Marvel Family said anything and let him continue his charade.

Uncle Marvel typically begged off when he was expected to zip claiming he had "Shazam-bago." He once put a collapsible rocket motor - his own invention - to fly, but it didn't work correctly and it was quickly deserted. It appears that Dudley is his surname, as he has actually a niece called Mary Dudley (Freckles). Although she often wore a Mary Marvel costume and called herself Freckles Marvel, she never pretended to have any Shazam powers and is not regarded as part of the Marvel Family.


Following the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Dudley appears as a janitor at the school Billy Batson goes to. Dudley is the one adult Billy confides his living circumstance with, specifically that he survives on his own. Because of this, Dudley regularly covers for Billy on the regular times he is tardy. Dudley likewise confides in a much bigger secret to Dudley after conserving him from a heart attack: That he's the very hero Captain Marvel.

Later, Dudley takes Mary's Tawky Tawney doll (actually a pooka through a doll) out drinking. Following this, a drunk Dudley follows Mary back to the Rock of Eternity, where they restore Ibis the Invincible to fight the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man that Blaze has actually let loose. Ibis presents Dudley with temporary Marvel powers, enabling him to combat along with the Marvel Family as a real member for once. Following this, he allows his powers to be eliminated- he discovers himself not suited for the superhero company.


Uncle Marvel appeared alongside the remainder of the Marvel Family in The Kid Super Power Hour With Shazam! voiced by Alan Oppenheimer.

He also appears in episode 14 of the Young Justice series "Alpha Male" voiced by Corey Burton.

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