Improve body immunity

In this article, we will tell you the best tips to improve body immunity easily and affordable by most people. Plus, all of these are natural, so you don’t need to worry about the risk.

    Novel Coronavirus 2019 (2019-nCoV) or better known as Corona Virus is a virus that can cause respiratory disorder, acute pneumonia (lung infection), and kidney failure. WHO officially gave the name for this virus as Covid-19.

    Up to now, there has no news yet about the vaccine that is proven effective enough to prevent Corona Virus infection.  Even though it does exist, It comes up with side effects whether it’s serious or not. So In order to anticipate this, we can rely on our own vaccine, the immune system of our body.  But still, how can a weak immune fight off not just covid but all kind of viruses? therefore, we need to improve it, and only we can do this.

    But the question is how ? and will it cost much?

Consume Nutritional Food

Improve body immunity

    By consuming food that is rich in antioxidants like vegetables, fruits, herbal plants can help Improve body's immunity system to reject free radicals. What is the danger of this substance in our body? Our immunity system work will be disturbed which causing a higher possibility of being infected not just by corona but other viruses too

    Besides, to keep and increase body immunity, adequate nutritional intake is also required. Consuming a lot of lean meat, nuts, and also seeds can help your body durability to stay at its max level. Other herbal foods which are believed effective enough to fight of infection and relieve inflammation are onion and ginger.

    So how? Have you tried to consume those kind of foods mentioned above? Other benefits you can feel is, of course, healthier body far way better than junk food and fast food

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Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly

    To improve body immunity, you’re gonna need more than just consuming food. Remember that the best result only for those who do more effort. By working out and training your body, it will surely boost your durability. In addition, it must be done regularly. It doesn’t have to be a hard, painful, and extend exercise, as long you do it consistently and full of faith.

    But the problem is, what kind of exercise is best for empowering our immunity system? You see, each type and way of exercising have their own main goals. Some are for building muscle, some are for increasing stamina, etc. As for body immunity, you can try to do aerobic kind of exercise such as running, cycling, brisk, etc. The best result is when your heart beats 70% faster than its normal rate

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Manage Stress Well

Manage Stress Well

 A long term, stress can trigger the cortisol hormone over-production. Higher cortisol hormone levels disturb the immunity system to function properly than it should be in resisting infection.

    To avoid being stress, Try to relax your mind. You can go having a vacation, doing your hobby, having quality time with your family. Even as simple as having enough sleep is counted. Besides, isn’t it tiring to be depressed all time? You deserve a bright day so cheer up!

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Get Enough Rest

Get Enough Rest

    Just like I mentioned above. Despite this thing sounds so silly, there’s no doubt that a lack amount of rest will weaken our body immunity. One of the risks is the degrading of our body durability level causing various kind of viruses to attack easily

    The normal duration for an adult to rest is around 7-8 hours a day, while for a kid is 10 hours a day. But I don’t forbid you to stay up late. Sometimes, an adult needs extra time to work or even kid want to watch his night show on tv. Still, it’s not recommended though for the risk is not worth enough. As long it’s not repetitive, I see no problem

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Consuming Immune Support Supplement

Improve body immunity

    If some of you are unfamiliar with supplements such as their definition, function, how to consume, and the material used to make supplements, you might consider reading it here All You Must Know About Supplements.

    So, aside from consuming nutritional food, we can still improve our body immunity without bother being full. A supplement contains a lot of vitamins and miners which is reliable for boosting up the immune system performance against infection caused by viruses and bacteria. You still have to choose the right supplements intended for the immune.    

    There are like oceans of them out there with their own main purpose. So make sure to consult with a doctor or pharmacist for maximal results.

    A collection of vitamin C ( sodium ascorbate ), vitamin B3 ( nicotinamide ), vitamin B5 ( pyridoxine HCL ), vitamin E ( alpha-tocopheryl ), zinc picolinate, and sodium selenite are perfect for the job. ( Know these names? no ? me neither J ). While for B3, B5, and B6 is also capable of restoring broken cells caused by sick.


    There are likely more ways than just 5 points mentioned above to improve our immune system such as stop smoking, drinking less alcoholic beverages, avoid of doing risky sex, and perhaps drinking more mineral water.

    So there you go lads, your tips to improve body immunity against virus. Just for addition, that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care.

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