Junk Food is Dangreous

            Who in the world doesn’t know what is junk food? We meet and see it every day. Sometimes, we consume it more than our primary need.

            But you must be careful! Although it’s indeed cheap, delicious, and easy to carry, it will turn into the worst nightmare for your health. It's because basically, junk food is worth of trash in case of nutrients. The substance inside junk food is mostly not needed for our body and will be cast away like poop. So, it sounds pretty useless.

            So, is it true that junk food will cause a bad impact on our health? Yes, it’s obvious. Before we tell you the lists of the bad impact, you need to know the reason of why it is labeled ‘dangreous’.

             Junk food is usually high in salt, sugar, carbohydrates, and fat. In normal dosages, the substance is indeed beneficial for the body. But, excessive content of those in food can trigger various diseases that are dangerous to health. And these are the lists of those dangers 

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  1. High Cholesterol

Junk food can cause high cholesterol

The nutrient content for junk food is almost as equal to zero. Most of junk food contains high calories. This substance certainly causes cholesterol to increase and will have a bad impact on the health of the body.

For your information, high cholesterol is a condition where a number of calories exceed the average amount. Then, atherosclerosis is the most possible threat. A plaque buildup on the walls of blood vessels.


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  1. Diabetes

Refines carbohydrates or additional sugars in junk food cause spike then lower your blood sugar levels. This results in insulin resistance and hyperglycemia, so that the sugar is not stored and remains in the bloodstream.

Over time, that disease will evolve to diabetes type 2 which is a condition that can cause other health complications.

            A higher insulin level stops the brain to respond to this hormone and later will be resistant to it. This can limit human ability to think, memorize, or make a new memory so that will have a high risk of dementia.

  1. Heart Disease

Junk food contains a lot of bad fats. The excess of this substance in a food can trigger the increasing amount of cholesterol in the body.

            There are several types of heart disease based on their cause. As for cholesterol is called coronary heart disease. About how it happens is already explained in point number one.

            According to the American Heart Association, saturated fat and cholesterol raise cholesterol levels which lead to the risk of heart disease and stroke.

            The excess sodium found in most processed foods can raise blood pressure and increase the chances of developing heart disease


  1. Kidney Disorders

Kidney Disorder caused by Junk food

Besides bad fats, junk food also contains high amount of sodium. This substance can affect the work of the kidneys. Therefore, it can no longer function properly in filtering blood from toxins.

Animal studies show that eating junk food can harm kidney in the same way as type two diabetes. In type 2 diabetes our body either fails to produce enough insulin or doesn't react to the insulin that has been produced. This causes a buildup of sugar or glucose in the blood, which in the long run causes damage to many organs such as the kidney and leads to diabetic kidney disease

  1. Liver Damage

The danger that is quite deadly from junk food is liver damage. Eating junk food without exercising is the same as people consuming alcohol. This also causes scarring in the liver. Thus, the liver does not work properly and optimally.

A study conducted by a group of students at Linköping University in Sweden examined the effects on the liver after consuming junk food high in saturated animal fat without the balance of exercise. The researchers found that after a month, there were elevated levels of liver enzymes, which are used as indicators of liver damage.

  1. Weight Gain

Obesity of Junk Food

A study on fast food and heart health published in the US National Library of Medicine found that eating fast food more than once a week has a high percentage of obesity

While eating fast food more than twice a week has a higher risk of metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and death from coronary heart disease.

 Besides, isn't it better to eat natural and healthy food to increase our body health? especially in today era as virus continues to spread.

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