Though coughs and colds are considered minor illnesses, they can still be quite bothersome! So, don't let coughs and colds linger in our bodies by knowing which areas are the acupuncture points for coughs.

Even so, you don't have to rely on medicine to overcome a cough and cold. You can first try this easy method. Massage several points on your body, especially around your nose, to overcome a cough and cold.

Which points can we massage? As shown by Yasuko Kawamura, an acupressure expert on her YouTube account Acupressure for Runny Nose.

Acupressure is a healing technique that involves pressing specific nerve points depending on the disease or complaint. Acupressure can treat many complaints, including sore throat.

To massage the acupuncture points for coughs and colds, you can use therapeutic oils or not. Here are three points you can try when you have the flu:

  1. The point between your eyes or the bridge of your nose - This point is called Bladder 1. Press the area for ten seconds, then release for a few seconds. Repeat this at least ten times.
  2. The point below the nostrils, between the lips and nose - This point is called Large Intestine 19. The length of pressing this point is the same as the two other points.
  3. The point on the right and left edges of the nostrils - This point is called Large Intestine 20. Like the first point, press for ten seconds and repeat.

When using acupressure to treat a cough and cold, it's important to press the points gently and with pressure that feels comfortable. Don't press too hard, as it can harm the nerves. If done well and repeated several times a day, cold symptoms can heal.

If the sickness persists, please contact a doctor

Try it out!

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