Fawning is a common performed by human beings. Ice cream or candy is some food that is often enjoyed by licked. However, specifically for the following things, fawning is extremely not recommended:

1. Do not lick the eyeball

In Japan, people love to lick each other's eyeballs, a new trend called oculolinctus. And the result is, there's occurrence of an infection, scratches, and scab on their eyes.

2. Do not lick a frog

Some frogs producing powerful hallucinogenic called bufotoxin. Some people are confirmed dead after they were reported to be trying to lick the frog for recreational purposes, such as using drugs. They died of a drug  overdose experience. Even in California, The Colorado River Frog ownership is an illegal things, so no one will lick it.

3. Do not lick anything on the floor

Believe with " 5 seconds rule " when food falls to the floor? Consider back with getting results by jamie hyneman and adam savage testing on mythbusters series. They analyzed how food dropped on the floor that has contaminated dalma in interval between 2 to 6 seconds. It Turns out the " 5 second rule " collapsed. Even under certain conditions, to be on the floor in just milliseconds, there are already bound to bacteria. How dirty the fallen food will depend on the moisture of the food, the geometry of the surface, and the condition of the floor, not the time.

4. Do not lick egg batter spoon

A spoon is used to mix up the pudding, cake, as well as eggs, should be not licked. The eggs need to be warmed up at least 70 degrees Celsius to avoid toxins from bacteria Salmonela. Especially for children, the elderly, or people with poor immune systems.

5. Do not lick the raw dough

In 2011, the Center for disease control in the US reported an outbreak of e.coli from a type of virus that makes 77 people ill in 30 States. The actor is not an egg or milk, but the dough raw food. The US food control center recommends cooking the batter before tasting it, so that harmful bacteria can be killed. And be sure to wash your hands before touching the dough.

6. Do not lick the battery

You can lick the battery if you have shapes that are commonly used: the cylindrical. But if you lick a rectangular shape battery, with 9 volt voltage, both pole nearby, beware of it. If either pole touched tongues simultaneously, you'll be stung the flow of electricity. Not a bad result, but of course not wearing.

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