Today, every food we seem to set our eyes upon has some contents in which is unhealthy to consume. Cancer remains one of the most common cause of death in the world. History of cancer in your family, lifestyle factors, including your diet are causing cancer. We all know that cancer caused by carcinogens contain in your diet and excessive fat.
They say, prevention is better than cure! As a start to prevent cancer, you have to change your life style right away. One way to do it is by eating healthy food. As mentioned in Boldsky page, here is the list of food you should avoid to consume.

Red Meat

Protein, iron, zinc, selenium, and vitamin A, B, and D found in red meat are needed for many process in human body. But, taking large amount of red meat, especially the one which contain fat or as processed meat like sausages or hamburgers, is at a higher risk of bowel cancer


Our brain need fish, especially Omega 3 rich Salmon. But we need to know source of the Salmon or where to buy, because Salmon is considered to be one of the foods often contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals.


They might be very convenient for you to consume in front of TV or in movie theater. But, did you know that microwave popcorn is lined with chemicals that cause liver, pancreatic, and testicular cancers.


You better beware if you like drinking soda. It is said that colorings that fills soda is carcinogens. It literally feeds cancer cells, and one day can trigger cancer. Leukemia, lung, liver, and thyroid cancer is haunting you.


Salt is needed as food seasoning, but overconsume it will risk your health. High blood pressure, heart diseases, and stroke are some diseases caused by oversonsuming salt, naturally should followed by cancer.


Refined flour is a common ingredient which is used in processed foods. But the excess of carbohydrate content because regular consumption is linked to a 220 percent increase in breast cancer.


Cooking oil contained saturated fats, some of them are through hidrogenated process. To solidify vegetable oil from fluid, they added high pressure hydrogen ion, like in butter or margarine. This process triggers a various cancers when consumed.


Consuming doughnuts on a regular basis activates the cancer cells in the body. The doughnuts contain hydrogenated oils, white flour, sugar, and acrylamides which is bad for your health.

Peanut Butter

White bread spread with peanut butter is really appetizing breakfast. Peanut butter is known to contain Vitamin E and A, if made from selected peanuts. If you consume salted or moulder peanuts, it contains a type of fungus called aflatoxins which increases the risk of liver cancer.

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