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articlemostwanted - An average fifteen-year-old given extraordinary capabilities by an experiment gone wrong, leading him to end up being the sidekick to Spider-Man. After mistreating his powers in a mission with the Avengers, he was depowered by the web-head. However, he has since been repowered by Doc Ock possessing Peter Parker's physical body.


Andy Maguire was an extremely ordinary teenager that attended Midtown Secondary school and was hardly ever discovered by even his family members. His life was altered after participating in a school trip to Horizon Labs to watch a ground damaging experiment performed by Max Modell, Tiberius Rock and Peter Parker as he debuts his self-titled Parker Particles, a hyper-kinetic form of energy connected right into the forces of global development and his best discovery, for leading scientists, plan makers, and the media. Instantly the experiment fails and huge ruptureds of energy are launched from the equipment. In spite of the efforts of Peter Parker as well as others to protect the class, Andy is required to save a lady called Chrissy in the ensuing mayhem, triggering him to be struck by the power himself. As opposed to being fatally injured, he amazingly survived and also gained fantastic powers.

Really feeling that Andy's great power is his duty, Peter Parker exposed his secret life as Spider-Man to Andy as well as offered him the possibility to become his partner. Andy approved Peter's offer and also came to be Alpha, everything Peter wanted he could have been in high school.


Andy was created by Dan Slott, his first appearance remains in Remarkable Spider-Man # 692 (The 50th wedding anniversary issue of Spider-Man). His name was developed by blending Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire, two actors who have played Spider-Man on the cinema.

Major Story Arcs

Cloned By Jackal

In the days after obtaining superpowers, Alpha proceeded combating criminal offense under the tutelage of his coach, Spider-Man, along with being the face of Horizon Labs. However, his methods brought about him being out of favor among the residents of New York. The Jackal after that caught Alpha, and cloned him, planning to create an army of meta-humans to take over the globe. The good news is, Alpha DNA wasn't altered when he gained superpowers, so because of this, the clones were vulnerable. Spider-Man ultimately tracked Alpha down, and the Jackal left. Adhering to these occasions, Alpha after that liberated himself from his moms and dads.

Alpha was phoned by Spider-Man to help the Avengers battle Terminus. Nonetheless, his misuse of powers was a lot more reckless than typical as well as nearly destroyed numerous numbers of aircraft. It was additionally during this occurrence that Alpha uncovered the ability to use more than one of his powers each time. Luckily, the Avengers handled to conserve those in danger, liking Aunt Could as well as J. J. Jameson Sr., who were flying in a personal jet. Then occurrence, Spider-Man depowered Alpha, implying that Andrew would only become his powers back when he began to reveal even more duty. Currently normal, he returned back to school, his moms and dads and healthy life, however relatively maintained reduced degrees of super-strength.

Big Time

6 months later, Andy's parents divorced, Andy as well as his mom moving in with his grandmother in Pittsburgh. Nonetheless, he returns every couple of weeks to Perspective Labs to be tested. On one of these celebrations, in order to harness Parker Particles making himself a lot more powerful, the Superior Spider-Man returned 10 % of Alpha's abilities back to him.

With his powers returned Alpha lays out to patrol the city. In an attempt to save a female from an assailant, Alpha made use of too much of his powers as well as accidentally squashed the man's head. Appalled at his activities Alpha flies the mugger to the Pittsburgh College Medical Center as well as intends to turn himself right into the authorities. Nevertheless given that the individual was a scumbag the police do not actually care, allowing him go. Not completely satisfied Alpha chooses to head to Horizon Labs so Peter Parker could take away his powers. However, on the way there he faces, as well as destroys, a massive elemental knocking down a steel plant. Alpha has some doubts regarding offering his powers up, yet continues to Perspective anyway. While awaiting Peter, he spots a paper that says the thug he had actually hit was visiting make it. Determining to keep his powers Alpha leaves.

At some point, Alpha's powers completely return as well as after saving his close friend Susan "Soupcan" Rice from a restaurant fire, he realizes his senses have actually been boosted to the point that he could listen to and see every little thing in the world. Throughout a visit to the assailant he nearly eliminated, the man awakens and vows retribution. Some time later, the assailant mutates into some type of tumorous beast. Calling himself Zeta, he begins rampaging through the city. On the other hand, at the request of "Boss" Cohen, Pittsburgh's top criminal activity boss, a few of his hooligans go to Alpha's home as well as torch it. After saving his mother from the fire, he enlists Spider-Man to help ruin Zeta, yet fails to entirely damage all the malignant cells, allowing Zeta to leave. After an attempt on Soupcan's life by one of Cohen's hitmen, Alpha intimidates to kill Cohen, however is discouraged by the reality that Cohen understands about the thug. The mobster after that blackmails Andy to overlook any of Cohen's criminal offense, or he'll release the details to the media. Andy after that exposes his identification to his only various other pal Duncan Kilgore and also attempts making a name for himself as guard of Pittsburgh.

Powers & Abilities

Due to his exposure to the Parker Particles, Andy is currently capable of constantly recharging huge quantities of cosmic energy, which he could launch through power blasts, super stamina, incredibly rate, force fields, and also trip. He was recently only able to manifest among these capacities at a time, but overcame this constraint in a recent coordinate with The Avengers. Andrew shed the huge bulk of his powers after Peter depowered him, yet has actually because regained them all.

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