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articlemostwanted - Woozy Winks is a bumbling, inept, obese and slobbish male who served mainly as a comic relief, just like other golden age sidekicks such as Doiby Dickles. In his first appearance, Woozy is a small time crook with a special superpower. After conserving a wizard from drowning, he is rewarded by means of a spell that causes the forces of nature to secure him whenever he is in threat. Later stories would ignore this capability (one story attempted to discuss it by stating that the spell diminished after a while), and Woozy merely ended up being Plastic Man's inefficient assistant. His personality was based on the comedy of Lou Costello while his look was based on Hugh Herbert.

lemari asam murah .adv - Although a comic figure in both look and ability, Woozy does have his brave moments. Thanks to his own meddling prohibited activity, he can acknowledge wrongdoers on sight and remember their arrest history; he likewise provides sage viewpoint (occasionally by accident) on finding and trapping bad guys, such as seeing a scene's tire track appears like a suspect's tread design. Winks also has the ability to hold his own in a fist battle, in some cases taking on numerous challengers.

One history of Woozy, which appeared in the Plastic Man Special in 1999, offered him an alternative origin. In this tale he was an incredibly qualified and intelligent representative referred to as "Green Cobra" whose just quirks were his dress-sense and a tendency to take office supplies. After being matched together for the very first time, he was trapped in a badly ventilated locker with an injured Plastic Man. The fumes from Plastic Man's blood, which was comparable in composition to plane glue, damaged Winks's brain, making him "Woozy" forevermore. This is contradicted both by his Golden Age and contemporary origins, where he is depicted as having constantly been dimwitted.

Woozy features in Countdown to Mystery, aiding the Eclipso-corrupted Plastic Man in committing crimes. He appears to have returned to his initial origin, and points out that he never ever really quit being a criminal.

Plastic Man's Sidekick in Television

Woozy Winks appears in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Death Race to Oblivion" voiced by Stephen Root impersonating Charlie Callas. He appears in Mongul's race with Plastic Man as the race car. Both he and Plastic Man are the very first to be eliminated. He is likewise shown to have a crush on Catwoman. In the episode "Long Arm of the Law", he appeared once more with Plastic Man and his family, including Baby Plas from the old series The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show. In this episode, Plastic Man officially swears him in as a partner.

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