egg symbolism
amw - Egg is as strong as its symbolism because it has a meaning as a life forces. Some parts of the world have the same myth about “World Egg”, it’s a legend said that universe is coming out from the hatched egg. We can see this myth in Celts culture. Also in a religion such as Hindus. Egyptian and Greek also got similar legend, and so on.

This story of cosmic or universe hatching takes even on many stories. In Hindu’s belief the story telling us that the eggs come from ancient water and are incubated by “Hamsa”, this creature is actually a swan. Based on their belief, Heaven and Earth are made from egg yolks and the white one when its hatched.

In Japan, when Shinto tradition mainly followed by many of them, it said that when the Giant chicken eggs hatched, the heavier one became the Earth while the lighter one made Heaven. Another myth also said that the whole universe itself is in a large eggs that stand upright.

At west culture, most people will knew about Easter eggs. In this culture, Egg is a symbol for a new life and that’s how Easter Eggs come from. Based on many script,  it is a celebration of Goddess fertility who called as Eostre. This name also used by scientist to name the hormone estrogen. The next celebration of the death and resurrection of Christ means that the egg stores its importance as a symbol of new life and hope. Archaeologists also have discovered some clay eggs on Russian burial sites, this finding support and made strong confidence in eggs as a symbol of immortality and rebirth.

We also can see the symbol in alchemy where the Philosopher's Egg symbolizes the seed of spiritual life, and it has a meaning as the place where an amazing transformation happened.

And last one, everyone should know about the phrase “The chicken is in the egg and the egg is in the chicken.” This statement written and known said by Angelus Silesius. He said that to answer the ancient puzzle about what exactly come out first between chicken and egg.

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