sweet potato leaves benefits
amw  - Sweet potato is a tropical plant that contains strong nutrients. According to nutritionists, sweet potato leaves are a source of antioxidants, riboflavin, niacin, Vitamins A, B, C, E and K, thiamine, calcium, iron, carotene, folic acid, and protein.

Check out the following explanation about the health benefits of sweet potato leaves.

1. Overcoming Pain During Menstruation

Found in leaves, large amounts of K vitamin can help regulate the function of hormones that reduce PMS cramping pain and menstrual pain. A body with K vitamin deficiency can experience worsening symptoms.

2. Helps Treat Inflammation

The leaves are rich in vitamins and good proteins that help us overcome various inflammation, thus restoring our body's health. It has powerful antioxidants that protect cells and tissues.

3. Brain Health

According to research, K vitamin which is found in sweet potato leaves, has anti-inflammatory properties that protect the brain against oxidative stress that damages cells and can cause Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, and heart failure.

4. Helps Maintain Eye Health

Carotene in large quantities is present in sweet potato leaves. Carotene is needed to maintain the health of our eyes. By consuming the leaves, we will be able to help to protect our eyes keep healthy and functional perfectly.

5. Maintaining Heart Health

Sweet potato leaves contain dietary fiber that is able to overcome anxiety and stress, regulate blood flow, lower blood pressure, and prevent fat buildup in arteries and veins.

6. Pain relief

According to Patrick Mutagubya, a nutritionist at Wakiso, sweet potato leaves are a natural painkiller.
That's because of the high amount of beta carotene or the anti-inflammatory source it contains. To reap these benefits, we need to steam or make juice from sweet potato leaves and consume them.

7. Treating a Sore Throat

Strep throat is caused by a bacterial infection that attacks the throat. This can affect the way we eat. Consumption of warm water from sweet potato stew can relieve it.

8. Overcome Worms in Children

Symptoms and signs of intestinal worms often occur in children. One way to overcome this condition is to boil the leaves and consume sweet potato leaves decoction water regularly.

How to Eat Sweet Potato Leaves

  1. Boil or fry sweet potato leaves and eat as a side dish.
  2. Steam the leaves and mix with other ingredients such as garlic to get the nutrients needed.
  3. Mix raw leaves in salad.
  4. Saute your sweet potato leaves with fresh ginger, sesame oil, and lemon juice.

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