Turkey, a state in the Middle East is very famous with its distinctive luxurious and luxurious designs. Not only that, Turkey became a country that tracks a lot of the history of civilization in the world. Great history is engraved in this city. Although Turkey is now a country with Islamic contributions, do you know that Turkey has quite a lot of history in Christianity?

Following we will present unique and interesting facts from the country of Turkey.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey, is the only unitary region in the world built on two continents.
  2. Turkey is a country with Islamic contributions.
  3. Famous for its Kebab food.
  4. Have food with a flavor and characteristic of fatty, spicy and based on meat. 
  5. Most populous country. Ankara and Istanbul become very crowded cities in the country of Turkey.
  6. Despite being a country unique to the Middle East, Turkey is also influenced by European culture and style. This can be seen from the style of the building, design, culture and so forth.
  7. Although the majority of the population is Muslim, Turkey has a lot of history about Christianity.
  8. The first church built by humans is in Antioch, Turkey. The church is called the Church of St. Peter.
  9. The oldest human settlement is in Turkey. The settlement was named Catalhoyuk. This settlement appeared precisely in the 7th Millennium before Christ.
  10. Do you know Santa Claus? Yes, he is St. Nicholas is said to have been born in Patara and became bishop in Demre. Patara and Demre are part of the Mediterranean, Turkey.
  11. Turkey is the place where Noah's boat landed, which is precisely located on Mount Ararat (Agri Dagi). Agri Dagi is located in the eastern part of Turkey.
  12. Turkey is a country that introduces coffee to Europe.
  13. Turkey is a country that provides tulips to the Netherlands.
  14. Hagia Sofia, a church that was once turned into a mosque, and has now become a museum. This building is so magnificent with a Turkish building style that combines European, Asian and Middle Eastern styles.
  15. The last meal of Noah, the sweet and sour pudding, is still a special dessert from Turkey.
  16. The first church in Turkey is called the Ecumenical Council.
  17. Do you remember the Trojan Wars movie? This story was filmed with the main character Brad Pitt with the film Troy. This story is a true story that really happened in the western hemisphere of Turkey.
  18. Writing activities for the first time, carried out by ancient people in Anatolia, Turkey.
  19. Ephesus and Halicarrnasus are two world wonders that cannot be found anywhere in the world. Both can still be found in Turkey until now, becoming a historical tourism site.
  20. Turkey is famous for its carpet products, prayer mats and other fabrics with exclusive, luxurious designs and fusion of European, Aisa and Middle Eastern styles. This exclusive design is a reference for designs and models of similar products throughout the world.
  21. Alexander the Great found and cut the Gordian knot in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Until now, the Gordian knot was the basic technique for making Turkish rugs.
  22. Because it is located on two continents namely Europe and Asia, Istanbul is separated by the Bosforus Strait and connected by two bridges. The first bridge is the Bosphorus bridge, and the second bridge is the Sultan Ahmed bridge. The length of this bridge reaches 1.5 km.
  23. Julius Caesar with his flagship sentence, "Vini Vidi Vici" which means "I came, I saw and I won", apparently pronounced it in the black sea in Turkey when Caesar defeated Pontus.
  24. Turkey has a lot of clean beaches with white sand, precisely in the Aegean and Mediterranean areas.
  25. Turkey is very rich in plant diversity, especially ornamental plants. Turkey has around 9 thousand types of flowers, of which 3 thousand are endemic or only live and bloom in certain seasons. When examined further, the entire European plain which is certainly wider than Turkey, has about 11,500 types of flowers. Imagine, how varied the types of flowers in Turkey.
  26. In Turkey too, the first church dedicated to Our Lady is located. The church is in Ephesus.
  27. Do you know Cherry? This tempting red adorable fruit was first introduced in Turkey, precisely in the north in an area called Giresun.
  28. In addition to growing various types of beautiful flowers, Turkey is also inhabited by various types of birds. Based on research, about 453 bird species are in Turkey.
  29. In the past century, agreements between nations, tribes or kingdoms often occurred to reach a certain agreement. Well, the first agreement in the world also took place in Turkey. The agreement was the Kadesh agreement, which involved the Hitite and Egyptian kingdoms.
  30. The Hitites, Turks, sold the cave to Abraham. The cave will later be used as a place where Abraham buried his wife, when Israel visited Palestine.
  31. The first human Neolithic writings are in Catalhoyuk, Turkey. The writing is in the form of carvings on the wall.
  32. Istanbul has a very historic station. The station is named Sirkeci. This station is the last stop of the "Orient Express" which connects the city of Paris with Constatimople in 1883 - 1977. Now, Sirkeci station is a historical site that is much visited.
  33. Great names in history such as Homer (poet), King Midas, Herodotus (Father of history) and Saint Paul, were born in Analtolis, Turkey.
  34. Turkish transportation is very advanced and maintained. Some vehicles owned by Turkey include underground metro and cable car. Turkey's state transportation system is also very organized and on schedule. The average vehicle in Turkey operates from 5am to 11pm. And most importantly, public transportation vehicles in Turkey are almost entirely clean and maintained.
  35. Has a lot of historical sites which are then used as tourist attractions. The system of empowerment and maintenance of historical buildings here is very good. Turkey is able to appreciate history and is able to turn it into a source of income for its country.
  36. In Turkey, you can find towers and stone houses like in fairyland. This area is a residential area and an old building located in Cappadocia. In Cappadocia, you can also find cities that are underground. And most interestingly, you can ride a giant blimp over the plateau area.

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