If you think that the tariff of your parking space is expensive, you will be surprise when find out that you actually pay cheap price for your parking compare to the cities bellow. What cities are they?

1. London

You could be proud living in London England. You can see Buckingham palace, Big Ben or clock tower that located at parliament building on Westminster. However, think twice if you drive your car personally over there since the parking tariff is expensive. This city applied the most expensive tariff in the world. You will be charged 578.87-pound sterling for a month.

2. Hong Kong

According to the latest Parking Rate Survey by Colliers International, the global property services firm, this city has the most exorbitant monthly parking fees in the Asia-Pacific.
Hong Kong's monthly median parking rate was $744.72 in 2011. With less than a dollar's difference, Tokyo came in as Asia's number two.
The reason for Hong Kong's pricey parking rates is rooted in governmental curbs on the city's residential market, said Buggle Lau, chief analyst at Midland Realty, one of the city's largest real estate companies.

3. Tokyo
City of hyper-modern metropolis, Tokyo is really laid out as effectively as possible. 13 million people live in the crowded city center and 39 million others in the suburbs to make Tokyo must keep from breaking down. No wonder when the city installed parking rates $599 per month. Even for a daily rate reached $79 per vehicle.

4. Rome

Driving in Rome, Italy, was a very memorable experience. You can wander the city with its beauty. Nevertheless, if you have to park affairs reached into the pocket $558 a month. Cheap huh?

5. Zurich

It is easy to remember this city. The town filled with ancient buildings, the parking lot is not really ideal though. Zurich did not have a lot of open space like Australia. However, the city applied very high rate for the business park, it is about $553 per month.

6. Sydney

Cities in Australia ranks sixth for business parking. How not, the city parking rates apply subscriptions $537 per month per vehicle.

7. Perth

Number 7 has been taken by a city in Australia again. The city's population has no more than 7 thousand people. Monthly rates average for parking in the city is around $517.

8. Brussels

The Belgian capital has become one of the city's most expensive parking rates on the planet. They set their rate on $496 per month.

9. New York

New York is one of the cities in the U.S. state that is having quite expensive parking rates. Parking rates priced at $486 for monthly subscription and $37 per day.

10. Copenhagen

36 percent of Copenhagen residents commutes to work by bike. Very high parking fee is one of the reason why there are many of them use bicycle to work.  They need to pay $486 per month for their parking fee while the daily rate is $38.

So, how do you compare your parking space now with those cities? Really cheap isn't it? lol

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