Do you know what the slowest animals in the world is? Here is the list of the champion of this category.

1. Galapagos giant tortoise

With a top speed of 0.19mph, the Galapagos tortoise is very slow. Luckily, a shell put off predators protects it.

2. Two-toed sloth

With a top speed of just two meters per minute, they are nicknamed “bichopreguiƧa” in Brazil, which translates as “lazy animal”.

3. Snail

So slow that it was adopted by the Judeo-Christian religion as the physical manifestation of the deadly sin of sloth, the snail takes days to travel mere meters.

There you go the top three positions for the slowest animals in the world. Be careful when you are around, who know you just meet with the champion lol.

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