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The Underage Transsexual

You are below 18, and you understand actually what you are, and how much your physique does not suit you. You have possibility known since you can remember, normally around age five. This is very common for transsexuals, what is not usual is that you can truly confront all of this so early in life. You are very bold, or else hurting a very, very great deal. What action that you need to take?
In overall, be patience just wait. I know that this is a awful thing to get. Currently you are suffering and this is not the news that you want to hear. However you need to realize something clearly: you have three-fourths, or MORE of your lifetime ahead of you. Everything feel extra hopeless to you because you have actually been alive for fewer than twenty years. Your hurt is real, but the strength of it is being enlarge by time and by the force of your powerful hormones.

The only matter you need to do is to bear, and get ready. Bear the pain, and get ready for when you are not helpless, for when you can really take action to repair your life. If you are great at doing this, your transformation will be nearly the best thinkable. You will be capable to cruise through what others suffer through.

To transition, you will need three points, when you get old enough to perform the transition. You will need the finest occupation you can have, to fully aid yourself, and have enough money for the hormones, and the operation, if you decide to go for operation. That occupation needs to be as high tech, as intellectual, as you can get it. Such occupations not only give you more money, they also draw more knowledgeable and liberal persons to them, and it means you can remain employed while you transition. You too need education about your situation, and about your choices, and about the world. You need intelligences to survive. Lastly, you need to be alive. Yes, the sadness is huge, and suicide is always one of the option for you to get out. Face it, you are going to have to suffer for a while: but you must bear, because you cannot transition if you are deceased. Keep alive, and win.

As for parents: you must be capable to tell what your parents manners are about these troubles. If they are narrow, confront that and save your secret while waiting for you are old enough to live on your own. It won't be that slow. Seriously, it really won't; it just feels like it.

Finally, and this is totally important: DO NOT have kids before transition in fake pretenses. By fake pretenses, mean getting engaged with somebody who you are in love with, and reckoning that this will heal your being transsexual, and that if you recently get married and have a baby, it will change you, and straighten you out.

This hallucination, that by jumping into a 'normal' life you can heal yourself, or get rid the hurt go away, or repair your difficulty is the major way that transsexuals mess up their lives, and also the lives of others. It frankly does not work. Everything that will occur is that you will finally losing your kids, and your spouse, and still be pushed to transition, only at a much older age, with more troubles, and less ideal outcomes. The younger you did this, the better you will succeed, and look, and victory. Don't spoil your possibility, and evade the hallucination that you can be healed by acting to be normal.

The Aged Transsexual

There are many known transsexuals who successfully finished transition, operation and all, in their 80. If they are able to make it, you can make it. Being old is not a dead end here, beyond crucial health issues.

Transitioning at young age has better outcomes. An exciting thing, however, is that being so young, and being so old, have a comparable benefit in terms of succeeding. A very aged one can end up very well with transition, because as we greatly old, we all, man and woman, tend to look more similar. Old age tends to even us all out. The actual hard period for transition is the part in the midpoint, between youth and old age, when sexual diversities are the most noticeable.

The Handicapped Transsexual

It’s possible that the one who will do transition in a wheelchair, or it’s possible you have a dangerous disease. It’s possible you have emotional difficulties, or a mental condition. Your condition is a lot stiffer in being transsexual on top of all of that. If you need transition, you will have to struggle harder than other, and there is no simple way to put that fact. On the other hand, you need to know that persons have succeeded, even persons who are quads, persons with serious mental and emotional injury, even persons who cannot hold an occupation. It is not unheard of. That, at least, is something.

The Hopelessly Unpassable Transsexual

Almost surely, in reasoning you will never, ever, ever expect to pass, to be received, you are mistake. In many cases, persons who are assured they cannot succeed because of their physical look, because of their shoulders, or neck, or chest, or size, or weight, or height, or face, are all totally, utterly wrong. Hormones are astonishing, they convert the body so radically, that there is no way to sufficiently state the fact. If an individual is so unlucky as to not be powerfully influenced by hormones, cosmetic operation can heal a host of ills. However mostly, your difficulty is almost surely that you do not clearly understand your own situation, and potential.

But, there are several, who actually can never hope to succeed. Some who actually cannot realistically expect to ever be fully received as their final gender and sex. Maybe it is an issue with hormones, perhaps it is the form of their skeleton, or several other actual and solid issue. For those, there is only one solution to evaluate the difficulty, and that solution is truly the basic law for any transsexual should use, which is to ask oneself precisely what one can live with, and what one cannot stand to live without. In that question is the answer to the issue of operation, of starting transition at all, of bothering with anything, really.  It all ends up to 'what can I put up with, and what can I not stand to bear?'

It is achievable to transition, and be unpassable, and still have a reasonable life. There are many solutions to handle this. One might, for example, have operation, the whole thing, and continue to work in the original sex role, only being ones real self at home. People have made this, are doing this present day. One can just face the world, however one turns out, and deal with it. Those with a dense hide, who can ignore any bad words, do this, and there are more than a few. Life is stiffer, sure. But at least life is nearer to what is needed, than before. And finally, transition is about only one thing: having a life one can bear to live.


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