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Step One: The Choice Is Made
articlemostwanted - You have determined that you are transsexual, or at least transgendered in certain condition, and that in turn to live your natural life you should radically modify your physique. But you arrived to this choice, the desire to proceed is strong, and currently you need to identify how to really achieve the task, either partly, or in full, to completion. You must to comprehend a few things first.

Transition is permanent. It cannot ever be undone. The transforms you form will be forever, and if you have caused your choice in error, you will certainly not be able to really reverse your acts. Comprehend this. Transition is for lifetime.

There are risks. You might die from the procedure. It is thoughtful stuff, and must not be taken lightly. Transition is a final action of a desperate one, a person in grief. It is not somewhat to be done for quest, or because it appears stimulating or exciting or even 'better'. Transition is a way that is best chosen only by a personality who has decided that there truly is no additional choice. If you are considering at death or transition as your simply two realistic consequences in life, nonetheless you are perhaps ready to go for it.

You must to understand that if you transform your physical gender, and you were mistaken about who you actually are within, you will turn out to stick eternally in the exact dilemma that the real transsexual begins life jammed within. Being transsexual pains. So be as certain as you can be before you initiate transition. You are the only one who can choose if transition is for you; no expert can ensure this for you, or tell you what you are. Be extremely honest with yourself.

To be continued to Basic of Transgender Transition Series - Step Two

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