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STEP FOUR: Surgery And Beyond

articlemostwanted - Some, maybe numerous, years have passed. The major part of your change is almost finish with. For several persons, including the transgenderist, it is the end. For the real transsexual, thought, nothing less than the final operation will be sufficient. The last step is named SRS, or Surgical Reassignment Surgery'. The rate of SRS normally runs around the level of buying a car. If you are able to buy a car, in cash, you can have your SRS. Except you were born rich, you will have had to keep some money for surgery.

At this phase, you should have created interactions among the Queer society, encountered other transsexuals, or at least create a letter to them, discovered at least several helpful group or organization to guide you, or discussed with your hormone medic or expert; the final result is choosing a surgeon. You need to have the fund for operation available to you, normally in full, because it is uncommon for such things to be protected by insurance in many countries.

Operation is simple. You only have to lie down and breathe deeply for a few times, then bear days of terrible hurt, gore, and the recovery process. If you live across all of this process, then you have complete it, you are the ultimate success between transsexuals, the post-operative transsexual. It is an astonishing and unique thing to attain, and you are a champion! Cheer yourself, you deserve it.

Now be quiet and pay attention: in several weeks you will learn that operation, the target you have hurt and worked and fought for, actually doesn't change much. The body parts that operation changes are almost completely personal. The only that public can see on operation affects is whether or not you can hope to get a more-or-less recognized claim to enter the correct toilet, or some hope that should you finish up in an emergency area, people probably save your life before they notice that you are transsexual, and maybe...turn to the other way and let you die.

Anything else related to surgery will not in any condition whatsoever touch your life, or the state you exist. On the other hand life was before operation, it will be past surgery. Keep in mind. If your life goes bad as a hormonally converted transsexual before operation, it will go right back to be bad after you are back from operation. The actual real advantage, and the only real motive to even have operation at all, is for yourself. Your own peace of mind, your own self-assurance, your own sexual, hormonal, and urinary working, your own sense of your physique. That's it. There is no other motive.

After your operation, your life will continue, simply as it did the first day before you stepped through the doors of the clinic to have it. All the same. You will have happy and sad, and hopes and mistakes and great things and suck things. When you are ready for operation, pretty much you are already finish with transition. You already have succeeded about as far of your personality and flesh as you are going to ever have. You are already completed by the time you get to operation. SRS is the best moment. The last little touch. Nothing more.

However much you want it and need it, it only transforms things for you only. You have to fully understand that. That said, it is yet an astonishing achievement. It really is!

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