Gun in Japan - The number of Japan's population is only about 120 million today(by the time this article released), may also be reduced because many young people rarely marry and far fewer babies today, from the number 120 million is apparently only 122,515 registered firearms owners in the Japanese police.

That is the report from the White Paper (White Paper) Japanese National Police Agency (NPA) in 2012 issued recently.

lemari asam harga .adv - These notes are for the year 2011 where it says number of firearms in Japan only 246,783 tops only and are owned by 122,515 people. Of course, the firearms registered are circulating in the general population.

Interesting also disclosed that during the year 2011, 27 people who filed of a permit to be able to have gunfire have been rejected and license possession of firearms for 95 people have been revoked.

We can compare that on 2009 299,939 firearms and 142.294 owners got possession of firearms license. While we can compare the year 2009, there were 299,939 firearms and 142,294 owners who got possession of firearms licenses. Obviously, the number of firearms and ownership in Japan is greatly reduced from year to year. The Reduced number also applied for shooting case and people who died because of a shooting incident in Japan.

In 2002 as many as 158 cases of shootings and 24 died as a result of the shooting. Meanwhile, in 2012, ten years later, there were 45 cases of shootings and eight people died. From 45 shootings occurred, 33 cases involving shooting by Yakuza.

Japan is a developed country with the lowest shooting and gun ownership in the world.
According to the source, only police and yakuza who own the gun.  The reason why the number is low are:
  1. People think that the actual gun or firearm does not kill people. The man himself that actually kills another human. The gun is only a tool.
  2. The number of mature Japanese citizen currently very low and mostly already became elderly. Elder people rarely got permission to handle the gun since it could harm another people. It is really hard to handle the gun properly when you have old.
  3. Its also part of Japanese culture that using weapon only lead to nervous and stress. In order to anticipate crime, they choose to user their own strength and using the weapon such as sword.
  4. Regulation to control the use of gun and sword is tight and the penalty is strong. If you want to own weapon, you need to follow really hard regulation and the ownership (Licensing) now only last for one year. After you have the license, you also need to complete several tests to make sure that you are eligible to have that license.
Police sometimes come to the home of prospective licensing of firearms owners to investigate the situation and neighborhood around the candidate. If there is a problem in the environment, such as an argument with a neighbor, their applicant will be invalid. This condition feared could have been a firearm used as an attempt to resolve the quarrel.

Firearms mentioned above is actually not a gun or not a short-barreled guns like those of the police. Its prohibited for public to have it. The firearm that allowed is a long-barreled firearm for hunting purposes. Prohibition on possession of short-barreled firearms such as pistols banned in Japan since 1965. Firearms went to Japan sometime in the 1500's, among others through foreign merchant ships to Japan at that time.

Possession of a rifle for hunting purposes were very, very tight with all kinds of testing as well as written above.

Now a variety of gun ownership begins investigated further because there are expected nemuri-ju (sleep pistol), old that issued long time ago where the rule is not so tight just like now. Those who get caught will have their weapon taken by the police.

However, there is also some cases about firearms. For example, in July 2008 a 45-year-old-regular employee in Shikoku district, southern Japan, which is trying to extend his gun ownership license, arrested by the police because of his medical certificate was counterfeit. Of course he was eventually prosecuted and go to jail and or fines because of the deed forgery.

Severe punishment also makes yakuza reluctant to use it. They think that the use of gun not balance with its benefit compare with the punishment given. Moreover, there is a possibility the trouble will come in the form of “office raiding” if one of its members own the gun.

A case related to the issue above happened in December 26, 1997. The police stop a Mercedes Benz convoy belongs to Kaneyoshi Kuwata, boss of Yakuza clan called Yamaguchi-gumi. The police found a gun in the car in one of the gang in the Roppongi area. After a long trial, he sentenced to seven years in prison. This incident became jurisprudence, if any member of Yakuza gets caught carrying bullets or a gun, the punishment would be 7 years in prison or depending on the case anyway.

Another reason on why Yakuza reluctant to use gun in Japan is they will be called as coward if the enemy found out that they used a gun.

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