Men and women are indeed different as the most recent research has reproved that; research from Pennsylvania has concluded.

A survey involving 1000 adults has found that men’s brains have more one sided relations inside their own, left/right side. While women’s have more crossover relation left and right side.

Conclusion from this research is that men’s brains are more appropriate for motor activity. And women’s brains are more appropriate for analytic and intuitive activity. Men averagely have stronger connections between hindbrain and forebrain than women, while women have stronger connection between left brain and right brain.

Other research had already proved that women are stronger at verbal memory and men have better spatial and motor. This study also showed that women have more grey matter than men’s.

For this study, researcher scanned 949 young people’s brain aged between eight, to twenty two year-old. This result of research was published on Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’ journal. Brain differentiation starts from early teenage to adult. (LiveScience)

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