Pistachio (pistacia vera), this type of beans is probably quite hard to find in Indonesian’s market, although some supermarkets have had it available already.

Pistachio is consumed as snacks, but it is not ordinary snacks. Various advantages can be found inside this bean, health advantage from skin care, hair treatment, as well resist heart disease.

Daily consume advised of pistachio is 56-70 gram a day to get all the nutrients it contains.
Pistachio contains 45 gram of essential fat which is polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat. Beside, pistachio contains high vitamin B, potassium, and magnesium. This dry bean also contains vitamin A, C, E, and calcium.
The advantages that are available from consuming pistachio as reported healthmeup are:
  • Heart disease. Healthy fat that is contained inside pistachio can resist cholesterol and its fiber supports to eradicate cholesterol. That is how pistachio works to reduce heart disease.
  • Pistachio has anti-inflammatory.
  • Diabetes Mellitus. Pistachio is involved on diabetes diet to make phosphorus inside this bean transforms protein to become amino acid for glucose intolerance.
  • Pistachio increases the numbers of hemoglobin and escalates blood and oxygen circulation inside the body.
  • This bean also increases immunity and brain healthiness.
  • Skin care. Vitamin E inside pistachio can resist free radicals and skin disease, slows down aging, and also for moisturizer. As well resists ultraviolet ray and the damage caused by sunbeam.
  • Hair care. Pistachio strengthens hair follicles and prepares hair protection.
We can consume pistachio as snacks, desserts’ topping, or as yoghurt mix. (

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