The computer and mobile device revolution created new ways of working, sharing information, and having fun. Our high-tech gadgets and devices may be wonderfully expansive of our intellects, but they can be hard on our bodies, then can take a toll on your health.

WebMD summarize seven ways technology and the high-tech lifestyle may be slowly hurting you.

1. Computer Vision Syndrome

The human eye is not adapted for staring at a single point in space for hours on end. If you log significant time in front of a computer monitor or mobile device, you've probably experienced computer vision syndrome: eye strain, irritation, redness, blurred vision, and pain in the back and neck.

2. Insomnia

A new trend is that we replaced rest time after work with playing video games after dark. One study showed that playing a game involving shooting suppressed levels of melatonin, the hormone that's involved in regulating cycles of sleep and waking, can play havoc with your internal clock.

3. Repetitive stress injuries (RSI)

lemari asam kimia .adv - The constant tiny movements needed to maneuver a mouse or type on a keyboard can irritate tendons and can press on nerves. As little as a half hour of navigating computer mouse could put you at risk for pain in your shoulder, forearm, or hand. But RSI can affect your whole body, not just the part you've overused. "If you have enough of these circulating in your bloodstream, they can be toxic to nerve cells and other cells," says Mary Barbe, PhD, a professor in the department of anatomy and cell biology at Temple University.

4. Obesity

A striking comment from Jason Mendoza, an assistant in Baylore College of Medicine: "Basically, the more TV you watch, the heavier you are." This is not limited to television, but also from using a computer. He added , for recreation, instead of going outside or hunting, we parked in front of computer monitor while eating a lot of food.

5. Hearing Damage

When we are going out, we plug our ears with headphones connected through our mobile device, often to hear loud musics. It's nice to be insulated from the hurly-burly of modern life, but listening to music through headphones can increase the risk of hearing loss.

6. Life risk

We hear a lot of prohibition for using mobile device while driving. David Strayer, a psychologist from Utah University, said, while phoning, the mind is not focusing on the road. The condition is worsen if the conversation is fun and often unaware the hand is off from the wheel.

7. Asthma

Some models of laser printers in offices can trigger asthma. The fine particles they shoot out can lodge deep in your lungs. Not every printer is a health hazard. Of 62 printers tested, only 17 printers were potentially trigger asthma.

In the end, all kinds of technologies can create side effects to our body. If we can minimize them, we can take care our health.(

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